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'World Tour Soccer 2003' (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 2, 2003 @ 11:13 p.m. PST

The world’s most popular sport makes a run at the PS2, with more than 700 teams from throughout the world including national teams like USA, England, Brazil, France and Japan and international clubs like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool plus legendary powerhouse clubs from the past. Over 13,500 players are recreated in intricate detail, with players able to perform a seemingly endless number of authentic moves including high-flying headers, bicycle kicks, and goal saving slide tackles. Battle for victory in stadiums filled with passionate fans as they support their team with electrifying chants while waving their club and country flags. Check the new batch of screens ...


  • Choose Your Match with more than 13,500 actual FIFPro licensed players and more than 650 League, Club and International Teams. Replay the World Championship final or the entire Tournament and change the course of history. Lead your favorite club team through their grueling domestic season, while vying for the international or domestic club cup.
  • Brand New Player Models have been redesigned from the ground up. Motion captured athletes coupled with the new player face modeling technology enable gamers to instantly recognize their favorite international soccer stars. With more than 20 different player skills categories, each soccer player will physically resemble his real-life counterpart and behave just like him on the field.
  • World-Class Player Control & Realism allow gamers to pull off authentic moves including high-flying headers, bicycle kicks and 360 degree spins on defenders or goal- saving slide tackles on would be scorers. Updated ball control systems allow gamers to maintain complete control of the ball while passing, shooting and making a run on the goal.
  • Developed by London Studios, World Tour Soccer 2003 features the tightest, most realistic soccer action ever. Easy to pick up and play, but challenging enough for the biggest soccer fan, this game offers the accessibility of intuitive controls coupled with the depth and complexity of the real sport. The incredibly smart artificial intelligence (AI) will make gamers use the full array of special moves and managerial tactics to move the ball up and across the pitch in an attempt to put the ball past the stubborn goalie.
  • Modes Galore allow the gamer to choose to play from any of the five continental Cups or take on the world for the grandest Cup of all. There are 15 different national leagues with 24 divisions, a Career Mode that starts in an English school league as you guide your youngsters to international stardom, and a Challenge Mode. Create your own Custom Cup, or entire Custom League, to your exact specifications, or take on the greatest teams from decades past in the Timewarp Cup and Timewarp League. Successful soccer will unlock hidden teams, stadiums and cheats as you attempt to fill your trophy cabinet with one of the 49 available trophies.
  • 10 Immaculately detailed stadiums from across the globe are designed by the internationally famous architectural company HOK Sport, who is responsible for the design of Sydney Olympic Stadium, Millennium Stadium and more. Each stadium is visually stunning and accurately recreated right down to the smallest detail. Crowd chants are sampled from over 200 club and international teams, and the colors and flags from the battling teams are represented in the frenzied seats.
  • Change the match with the newly developed free kick interface, which allows you to change the flow and momentum of the game. Depending on the situation, gamers can choose to power the ball past a wall of defenders by adding mighty swerve to your free kick or use the revolutionary icon passing system to have speedy player make a run to the open area to volley the ball into the back of the net.
  • Multiple Languages are available to choose from. Announcers can broadcast your game in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch or Portuguese.

Launch Date: February 11, 2003

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