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'Horizons' - New Combat Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 21, 2003 @ 7:02 p.m. PST

As an ancient evil threatens Istaria&the adventure begins.
As the forces of darkness gather&so do the Heroes of the Land.
As powers arcane are unleashed&the battle is joined.

Get the High Res. Horizons trailer off Worthplaying (1min19/15mb)

USA Link <--> Euro Link

Get the Lo Res. Horizons trailer off Worthplaying (1min19/3.5mb)

USA Link <--> Euro Link

A menacing zombie has been attacking players engaged in the building of a town. Mia receives her quest and is off to protect the community. She travels to the distant town and stays watch over one of the homes currently under construction. The zombie returns to cause havoc and is instead greeted by Mia's sword.

The trailer shows two major features of Horizons, the trade skills and the combat system. The trade skills are illustrated by two players working together to build a home on a purchased plot of land within the game space. Houses and buildings need many resources in order to be completed and in this trailer we see a wood worker and a stone worker cooperating to complete the house faster than they could alone. Players will have the ability to specialize in the many different crafting and trade skill systems within Horizons.

The second feature, the combat system, is shown with some of the special abilities and the choreographed animations. Mia is a very experienced warrior and her special attacks are the results of dedication and training within a school. It takes considerable effort to learn how to accomplish such combat maneuvers, but given sufficient time and effort a player can get their character to the level of expertise that is demonstrated in the movie

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