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'Return To The Lair' (NGC) Begins Shipping - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 6, 2003 @ 9:12 p.m. PST

Encore today announced that Dragon's Lair 3D - Return to the Lair for the GameCube has begun shipping to retailers. This completely new, built-from-the-ground-up version of the classic Dragon's Lair™ arcade game - featuring legendary characters, great gameplay, and impressive imagery created by Don Bluth and Rick Dyer - retails for approximately $50 and carries a "Teen" rating. Read more for details and a few new screens ...

"Gamers have been waiting for years to re-live the Dragon's Lair experience they remember so well from the 1980's arcades," said Encore CEO Michael Bell. "We're thrilled to provide them with an exciting experience that makes this game worth the wait. It's all there - from Dirk's bumbling moves and brilliantly illustrated scenes in the castle, to the addictive gameplay and timeless story. Additional elements such as true control over Dirk, new characters, and new movies created by Don Bluth make this game equally compelling for a whole new generation of gamers."

A Dragon, A Damsel and A Courageous Knight

Dragon's Lair 3D follows the basic storyline of the arcade classic: Dirk the Daring, a goofy but courageous knight, is on a mission to rescue Princess Daphne, who has been kidnapped by the evil dragon Singe and hidden in the wizard Mordroc's castle. The game stays true to the design of the1980's arcade classic, but is seven times the size of the original, and includes several new plot twists.

In this version, players have full control of Dirk, who must overcome challenges such as navigating through a cave of lava, swinging from burning ropes and unlocking hidden chambers in the castle to find Daphne. Princess Daphne also plays an integral new role in the game, acting as a guide for Dirk's journey. Singe, the Lizard King, the Giddy Goons, the Crypt Creeps and other characters familiar to players of the original arcade game have starring roles, along with over a dozen new characters created by Don Bluth that add new dimensions to the plot.

Dragon's Lair 3D features true 3D gameplay; complete control over Dirk; over a dozen new characters; 43 massive areas and more than 250 new rooms to explore; new intro and ending movies created by acclaimed animation director Don Bluth; an original music score; and much more. More information on the game is available at the game's official website.

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