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Hercules Introduces 3D Prophet 9800 XT & 3D Prophet 9600 XT

by Rainier on Oct. 1, 2003 @ 9:08 a.m. PDT

Hercules is thrilled to introduce two new ultra-powerful graphics boards in its range of high-quality products, 3D Prophet 9800 XT and 3D Prophet 9600 XT. These innovative new boards have been designed to transform a PC into the ultimate gaming station. Hercules will benefit from the best solution based on ATI’s high-end RADEON visual processors to answer the needs of the cream of the gaming crop. Featuring best-in-class quality, design and stability, 3D Prophet 9800 XT and 3D Prophet 9600 XT deliver an extreme gaming experience unlike anything seen before.

3D Prophet 9800 XT:

Based on ATI’s RADEON™ 9800 XT, the most complete and powerful VPU (Visual Processing Unit) in the industry, 3D Prophet 9800 XT is the fastest and most advanced graphics solution for hardcore gamers. This level of performance will be crucial for the slew of upcoming games.

3D Prophet 9800 XT performs amazingly thanks to its unique 8 pipeline architecture, 256-bit memory interface, fast frequencies (core at 412MHz, DDR memory at 365MHz) and full DirectX® 9 hardware support, including the most efficient shader processing for today’s and tomorrow’s hottest games. 3D Prophet 9800 XT also features up to 8X AGP support and super-efficient filtering technology for cinema-quality rendering: this is the elite gamer’s secret weapon.

3D Prophet 9600 XT:

Powerful and affordable, 3D Prophet 9600 XT is just what intensive gamers have been waiting for, offering the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Based on ATI’s RADEON™ 9600 XT VPU, 3D Prophet 9600 XT features 4 pipelines, a 128-bit memory interface, full DirectX® 9 hardware support and a very fast graphics engine, delivering amazing rendering in games and all kinds of multimedia applications. The enthusiast gamers will love the strong performance boost this board delivers.

“We are pleased to work with Hercules’ team because as usual they will deliver quality products that meet the needs of today’s gamers,” states Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President of Marketing and General Manager, Desktop Business at ATI Technologies, regarding the upcoming releases.

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