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'Kill.Switch' (PS2) Coming To Europe In February - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 13, 2003 @ 2:31 a.m. PDT

With new and exciting features, including the unique Offensive Cover System and Blindfire, the player is able to engage the enemy from various cover positions or launch frontal assaults without being exposed to counter-fire. To succeed you must use full-on warfare tactics, and strategically plan your moves, quickly adjusting for each mission.

With sophisticated AI, enemies work together in teams and not only seek out and engage the player, but also thrive in team-based tactics and attacks by yelling instructions and moving as a realistic military unit. You must respond with the stealth and foresight necessary to remain alive!

kill.switch features six war-themed missions which are spread out across 18 different levels and has a cinematic storyline spanning several continents taking players to hotspots around the world from the Middle Eastern deserts to the Caspian Sea.

Using an array of weapons from the trusted and reliable AK47 to the MCRT for long-range sniping and the M1 for precision close-range shooting, kill.switch enables you to plan your strategy and fight like a pro.

kill.switch will hit your PlayStations in February 2004.

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