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'The Valley' - Screens & Tech Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 16, 2003 @ 2:53 a.m. PDT

A new photo-quality demonstration, based on emerging real-time tree and grass technologies, was released today to establish the vastly more realistic possibilities for future gaming worlds. "The Valley" features stunningly realistic trees and grass, blowing in the wind and including advanced level of detail and presentation algorithms. Read more for details, screens & an impressive trailer ...

Get the Valley Tech Demo Off Worthplaying (12mb)

The Valley, SpeedTreeRT’s most impressive demo yet, has opened its borders! Featuring the powers of SpeedTreeRT v1.6 (due in Q4), The Valley shows off some AMAZING new capabilities, including bump mapping, self-shadowing, specular effects, new trees (check out the giant Sequoias), animated grass, a new trunk algorithm and more.

The Valley showcases what's possible with SpeedTree in a graphics environment that features few restrictions. Compared to our Huge Forest demo, The Valley renders fewer trees with much higher detail.

The demo was built with the SpeedTree line of tree and plant creation software, released less than a year ago and gaining rapid ground among top game developers, including Mythic Entertainment, Climax Entertainment (for use in Warhammer Online) and Mutable Realms.

Several features of the demo, including bark bump mapping and multiple shadowing effects, are based on as yet unreleased capabilities of the software. These capabilities should be available in a new version of SpeedTreeRT in fourth quarter 2003.

"Foliage at this quality has never been seen in a real-time setting," says IDV President Chris King. "We wanted to use SpeedTree to create an outdoor environment so real you have to lean up to your monitor to make sure you're not looking at an outdoor video."

The demo is open to all visitors but requires fairly modern hardware to run effectively. Check IDV's website for specific hardware requirements.

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