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The Role Of Women In 'BREED' & Interview With Giovanni Vindigni

by Thomas on Oct. 16, 2003 @ 7:16 a.m. PDT

Are there no women in BREED!? Oh yes, there are women! The U.S.C. is well aware that brute force can only get you so far, therefore they have an elite division of GRUNT units that are composed entirely of women. The "SNIPER CORPS" of the U.S.C.'s GRUNTS are feared and respected by those with whom they serve. Mostly mavericks and highly trained in the use of the "SUREKILL" sniper rifle, these deadly ladies can pick off a target from any distance. Armed with a secondary light machine gun and equipped with the lightest armor the U.S.C. forces have to offer. They are the most agile of all the U.S.C. units, as well as the deadliest infiltrators and saboteurs.

To help kill a bit of time until the release of BREED, CDV have included an interview on the official site with GIOVANNI VINDIGNI, who performed the music for BREED.
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