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'PlanetSide' Gets Platoons - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 16, 2003 @ 5:38 p.m. PDT

A new feature, Platoons, has been added to PlanetSide, the World's first massively multiplayer online first person action game. This highly-anticipated feature allows players to coordinate huge battles with squads of up to 30 people. Platoons add a new dimension of strategy to PlanetSide, allowing for more intense large scale attacks and stronger communication across squads. Read more for details, screens & trailer to see what this is all about ...

Get the Planetside Platoon trailer Off Worthplaying (13mb)

Featuring a vast game world where thousands of players can battle at all hours of the day, PlanetSide takes squad-based combat to the next level. Players choose their allegiance and enlist with one of three unique empires in the fight for total domination on a global scale. Characters gain experience with every conflict, and can become one of the best in more than 30 combat specialties, including infantry, sniper, stealth commando, engineer, hacker, medic, pilot, driver and more.

PlanetSide also features:

  • Hundreds of different armor and weapons configurations to truly customize play style
  • More than a dozen different land and air vehicles to master
  • Dozens of combat skills and specialties
  • Ten continents of unprecedented scale, filled with turmoil and conflict
  • Massive battlefields with thousands of unique tactical situations

Since its launch in May 2003, Sony Online Entertainment has added a number of improvements to PlanetSide for current subscribers, including two new vehicles, the Sky guard and Liberator, and a new style of gameplay with capture the flag. The next addition for current players will be Outfit Base Ownership allowing outfits to take an even greater stake in conquering and holding land and power on Auraxis.

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