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'Blade And Sword' - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 17, 2003 @ 5:25 p.m. PDT

Combining Diablo-like action elements and Street Fighter combats together, Blade and Sword blends computer Role-Playing and Action-RPG with amazing action and breath-holding martial arts from ancient China. This multiplayer game allows players to design up to five different combo attacks and features more than 30 levels. Developed by Pixel Studio, Blade and Sword is anticipated to be released for PC in Q4 2003. Read more for screens ...

Blade and Sword, an Action Role Playing game (ARPG) with exciting action fighting and mysterious martial arts from ancient China. It will bring players new gaming experience by breath-holding combats, players may feel it just like Diablo II, but after 10 minutes playing, users will start feeling it more like a fighting game from Capcom, SNK or other leading arcade game developers. In this game, we try our best to add fresh ideas in ARPG, and integrate fighting game elements from famous arcade game titles.

You will be asked to take direct control of the main character in combat. Unlike other ARPGs where control merely means telling the character what to attack, or just clicking the mouse on a target, B&S gives you a much finer control. You decide what type of attack- thrust, slash, chop, jump to cleave or various of Super Kung Fu Attack; you also could block, dodge. It's just like a perfect combination of KOF and Diablo.

Features :

  • You can play as Long Sword Warrior, Double Blade Heroine or Broad Blade Warrior. Each character could learn as many as twelve Kung Fu attacks, and gifted four Special attacks.
  • If you are an expert with Combo attacks, you can freely design up to five different combo attacks!
  • B&S takes on an entirely different feel when you are in a multiplayer game. The interaction that occurs, the new strategies and the difference in how you have to think all make for a very exciting and very new experience.
  • More than 30 levels you can experience, with sophisticated oriental music and sounds...

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