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'GODZ' - UT2003 Mod Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 18, 2003 @ 2:46 p.m. PDT

GODZ Team has released the 'Gold' version of their Unreal Tournament 2003 modification. GODZ for UT2k3 features incredible battles amongst genetically engineered, supernatural warriors built by rival planets to compete in a Universal-Wide Tournament. This v1.4 gold version features 2 new maps, enhanced Bot AI and a tons of bug fixes & new features (thanks Vajuras). Read more for details and download links ...

Get the GODZ mod (umod/manual install) off Worthplaying (130mb)

Note, your personal settings will be reset to the defaults because of some revised settings.

Features List:

  • Includes 2 new maps: GDM-ApployonTemple + GDM-Rav4
  • Fixed 3rd Person Camera when certain characters are 'soaring'
  • Bug fix: Got rid of ut2003 announcer
  • Bug fix: replaced ut2003 base effects
  • Revamped the Halo Attack
  • Fighters will play a breakout animation when they break free of ahamkaara's clamp
  • Removed Double Jumping + Up'ed Default Health to 150+
  • Improved precaching of resources (skins, meshes)
  • Added 'Blink'
  • Improved the player selection tab
  • Attacks can now remained fully charged
  • Fixed animation problem (bots not playing melee animations)
  • Fixed Ragdoll crash that occured when it was hit by a QiShock
  • Fixed character animation blending issues
  • Added new Grull fighter
  • Added new Shiro model to replace Toshiro
  • Added a ThrowableOffsetManager to GDM-Punishment
  • Updated QiShock to briefly stun the player (doesn't mess up qi)
  • Added Blur Effect when boost is on.
  • Split off blocking controls to the 'B' key by default
  • Split off melee actions to '1' attack key
  • Increased Air Speed during boost
  • Damage taken during a level up is ignored.

Fixes/Additions since Alpha 1.0:

  • Enchanced Bot AI
  • Improved the blocking controls (offline & online functionality)
  • Replaced the background screens for the menus (settings & instant action)
  • Fixed GDM-Revitalized's 'missing skybox' over the network bug
  • Fixed HUD issues
  • Fixed Accessed None caused by Overguard's Burning Inferno Attack in network games
  • Fixed Accessed None caused by QiBlock in network games
  • Camera switches to incorrect view if player levels up at the end of the match
  • Added a custom web admin
  • Starting a dedicated server from the menu does not use the godz ini files
  • Fixed accessed none for the meteors
  • Fixed the bio for the Qual
  • Charge Up Effects sometimes get left behind in network games.
  • Throwables do not work correctly for the client
  • Raised the qi charge for Overguard's Solar Bomb
  • Level Up Effect does not show up on the client in a network game
  • GODZ now use the karma system when they die
  • Improved Bot AI for Inferno
  • Inferno Attack no longer damages godz that are blocking
  • Increased the qi charge for Overguard's Burning Inferno attack
  • Increased qi charge for Ahamkaara's Overload
  • Reduced damage for rapid fire
  • Ahamkaara's Clamp Attack must be aimed (auto homing has been turned off)
  • Ahamkaara's Clamp can now be broken if victim activates their qi shield.
  • Overhauled Overguard's Blizzard Attack

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