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'Mistmare' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 2, 2003 @ 5:57 p.m. PDT

Get the Mistmare v1.7 patch off Worthplaying (8mb)

This patch is for the ENGLISH version only. You can install it over the original installation or any patched installation up to patchlevel 1.6c. If patching a version LESS than 1.6, read the "Important notes" section below carefully. A quick game FAQ describing solutions and workarounds for common problems is appended at the end of this document.


  • download the patch self-exetutable archive from the Mistmare site
  • run the downloaded file; when prompted for the destination folder, select the Mistmare installation directory (C:Program filesArxel TribeMistmare by
    default) and extract the patch files, choose to overwrite any old files if prompted
  • run Mistmare!

Important notes:

If you apply this patch on the original version of Mistmare or any version
patched to LESS THAN PATCHLEVEL 1.6, you will have to re-create your player
profile (i.e. add a new player in the start menu), and play only with the new

If you want to preserve your saved game from the old player profile, copy the
files in the Save subfolder of your old player profile in the Save subfolder of
the new player profile. Player profiles are stored in the Users subfolder of
the Mistmare installation folder (C:Program filesArxel TribeMistmareUsers
by default).

* If you are patching Mistmare patchlevel 1.6, you do not have to re-create
your user profile! *

General fixes:

- updated LithTech engine
- when with mouse at the edge of the screen, camera no longer rotates with
fixed speed but rotates accordingly to the mouse move in that direction
- default camera in locked, "Gothic" mode (third person, mouselook + WSAD
keyboard); use TAB (by default) to switch between camera modes
- in-game gamma correction added (keys: RIGHTSHIFT-Q or RIGHTSHIFT-A)
- added bell sounds on interactions with bellropes (some more interaction
sounds shall follow in later patches)
- music & environment sounds now play more often
- PAUSE key added and mapped to the "Pause" key. You may use the pause key to
pause/unpause the game at any time. If you press PAUSE during the loading of
levels, the game will pause immediately after the level has loaded

Per-episode fixes:

- TRAINING: When you start the game and are talking to the guy by the fighting
pit he tells you to press 'H' for your character sheet. Later, when talking to
the Professor in the classroom (in Greece), he no longer instructs you to press
'S' for your character sheet, but 'H' (which is the default key).

- AVIGNON: Monk on the hill (by the bellthroat) is no longer sunk into the

- AVIGNON: Thomas bridge issue fixed (already solved in unofficially published


Mistmare Frequently Asked Questions


Q:I have been experiencing frequent slow-downs and crashes, especially on
hi-end systems (pentium 4, geForce 4 and similar).

A: We believe this is a sound issue (among others) and we are already mending
the bugs. You might try to use 3D Analyzer (see the graphic card section of the
FAQ for more information). Some users have turned off hardware acceleration for
their soundcards in the dxdiag resulting in no more slow-downs. Also Alt-tab
will get the slow-downed game unstuck almost every time. There has also been
compatibility issues found regarding LithTech required mp3 media format
(included in the game installation) and some divx audio codecs.


Q:The game is very dark! Where can I change the GAMMA settings?

A: From patch 1.7 on, you can use the RIGHTSHIFT-Q and RIGHTSHIFT-A keys to
increase and decrease gamma in the game.

For users of previous versions:

add these lines in the mistmareautoexec.cfg file:
"GammaR" "1.0"
"GammaG" "1.0"
"GammaB" "1.0"

add these lines in mistmaresettingsautoexec.mistmare.cfg
"GammaR" "1.0"
"GammaG" "1.0"
"GammaB" "1.0"

"1.0" is the default you can change it (using notepad) to whatever you want.


Q:The mouse in the game is really jerky. Usualy lags behind for a second or so.
Please help.

A: This usualy happens on the high-end machines. We know of this problem and
are working on it. Please bear with us.


Q:Why is save&load feature disabled?

A: If you really want to enable save&load feature, open windows Explorer, and
change directory to Mistmare folder, subfolder "Users". Find the subfolder with
the same name as your character there, and the subfolder "Save". Create the
following subfolders there: "slot0", "slot1", ... to "slot9".
While playing "Mistmare", press RIGHT CONTROL + RIGHT SHIFT and one of the
function keys (F1 - F10) to save a game, and RIGHT SHIFT + function key to load
a game from the slot.


Q:I installed the demo/game, it started up then when i push play it just
exits... Is there a solution?

A: You need at least a 32Mb graphics card and the game won't work on most of
the inbuilt GPU's. LithTech engine will not work on these cards:

- Diamond (Stealth III S540 Xtreme, Viper Z200.)
- Any NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 (Ultra, Pro, M64, Vanta, etc.)
- Kyro/Kyro II based card (STMicro, STMicro Ultra, Hercules' 3D Prophet 4000TV,
4000XT, 4500, 4500 TV) ATI Radeon 7000
- "Voodoo" card (5, 4, 3, 2, Banshee, Rush, etc.)
- ATi Rage (Fury Maxx, Fury, Magnum, 128Pro, 128, IIC, Pro Turbo, Xpert, etc.)

- Savage series (Savage3D, Savage4, Savage 2000, etc.)
- Matrox (except the Parhelia)
- Intel integrated chipset Asus AGP, PCI, V3800

If you have other card and 32Mb or more, try this: NOLF2 (Another LithTech
powered game) had the same issue. I'd gues you have nimo codec pack installed
(or another mp3 codec) you have to get rid of these first then reinstal the
demo/game, should work.

You might get the game to work with a program called 3D Analyzer
(http://www.tommti-systems.com/main-Dateien/files.html). 3D Analyzer is also
known to fix framerate problems for many users.

Use these 3D Analyzer Settings:

Under the EXE (select the application file)
select Lithtech.exe

Under the PRE-RUN EXE (select the pre running application file)
select Mistmare.exe

Under the Hardware Limits (cap bits)
check HW TnL caps

Under the Game/Demo fixes
check NOLF2 texture/lib fix

Make a BAT (batch) file for the game, place it on your desktop and that's it.


Q:I installed the game and now it keeps asking me for the CD 2 but it is
already in the drive. Please help!

A1: Reinstall the game and try again.

A2: If you have several CD-ROM units (DVD, RW ...) make shure you use the same
one you installed the Mistmare from.

A3: Your CD 2 might be dirty. Clean it.

A4: Your CD-ROM unit might be dirty. Clean it.

A5: If none of the above helped you copy the content of the 2nd cd to some
directory on your hard disk (e.g. name it "disk2") edit cd.txt file you find in
your game directory and point it to (e.g.) c:gamezmistmaredisk2 (if you
copied disk2 to that directory) Now the Mistmare should run without the CD 2.


Q:I'm using a Radeon graphics card and the textures seem to disapear over some

A: Textures on the surfaces that are too close to each other often disappear
when using Radeon. Something to do with the z-buffer with Jupiter(LithTech) and
Radeon. This can be fixed with the 3D Analyzer.


Q:I have a Sound Blaster Live 5.1/value and I get no sound in Mistmare.

A: There seems to be an incompatibility problem with LithTech and these sound
cards. We are sorry but there is nothing we can do about this.

Q:I can't remap keys!!!

A: You can't remap keys within the game or the controls for the mouse. You have to exit and remap them in settings/users/launcher menu click the OPTIONS

Q:I've just upgraded Mistmare demo from 1.x to 1.4 and now it wants
Runshell.dll! Help!

A: You can download it at the mistmare site, the FAQ section. Simply unzip it in your Mistmare Demo instalation directory.

Q:Will the game be localized? If so, in which languages?

A: Yes, game will be localized. We are now working on French, German, Italian,
Spanish and Czech language versions.

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