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'Chrome' Goes Gold!

by Rainier on Oct. 20, 2003 @ 5:40 p.m. PDT

Mega-Corporations are competing for control of the Valkyria System and its most precious resource…Chrome. Espionage, sabotage and theft are common practice, and no one is better at it than Logan… mercenary for hire. Become Logan in this first-person tactical shooter. Wield an extensive range of weapons. Operate vehicles on land, sea, and air. Learn that one man, the right man, can make a difference.


  • 8 kinds of vehicles at your disposal - four-wheelers, armored transporters, shuttles, and even mechs – all for you to navigate in the New Frontier
  • Implants can be used to improve your abilities to become a “stealth assassin” or a “living tank”
  • Over 14 missions set in lush tropical forests, rocky deserts, snowy glaciers, futuristic complexes, military bases and orbital stations
  • Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Plasma Rifles: over 18 kinds of weapons for you to take control of your destiny
  • Multiplayer mode features over 8 unique maps and a variety of game modes like Capture the Flag, Death Match, Assault, Team Death Match, and Team Domination
  • Multiplayer allows up to 32 opponents to battle it out using every available weapon, vehicle, and implant A deep and involving storyline that gets you caught up in the convoluted politics of corporate sabotage, murder, and the ultimate quest for power

Atari will release CHROME for the PC on October 28, 2003. For more information about the game please visit or

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