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F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom

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'F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 20, 2003 @ 7:11 p.m. PDT

Get the F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom Demo off worthplaying (32mb)

F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom Playable Demo
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F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom (F/A-18 OIF) is a realistic flight simulation game based loosely on the recent Iraq conflict. You pilot the Navy and Marine F/A-18 Hornet strike/fighter aircraft. The game features a very large photo-realistic terrain based on actual satellite imagery covering over 160,000 square miles. Carrier operations are simulated for takeoff and traps (landing.) The game also includes an advanced mission editor which allows a user to create missions.

Because the terrain image in the full game is large, this playable demo includes a small fraction of the terrain in full game. Flying beyond the included terrain reveals a dark featureless surface. Although it is possible to control the aircraft using the mouse, a joystick is highly recommended for use with this demo. Those not accustomed to flight simulation games might find this demo daunting, but with practice and patience (as true for the real aircraft) it can be mastered. IMPORTANT: The full retail package includes extensive 'PDF' electronic documentation that contains everything needed to successfully fly and win the missions.


Many features and screens in the full retail version of F/A-18 OIF are omitted from this demo. Some features of the full version include: over 160,000 square miles of satellite-image terrain; a broad range of friendly and enemy aircraft (you always fly the F/A-18 Hornet); the capacity to configure weapons and stores prior to flying a mission; and the ability to play six specially designed missions over the internet with up to four players per game. In addition, a powerful 'graphical-script' mission creation tool is included with the full package. All missions included in the full game were created using this tool, and all included missions can be altered using this tool.


1) Connect and calibrate your joystick using the 'Game controller' control panel.
2) Launch the demo from the 'Start' menu: 'Start > Programs > FA-18 OIF Playable Demo.'
3) If you have a joystick, click on 'Settings' and choose 'Joystick', then '< Back' to the main menu screen.
4) Click 'View Replay' to see a recorded flight of the mission included in the demo.
5) When ready to fly, click 'Test Flight' to initiate the mission. You begin in the air with the autopilot engaged. Press the 'A' key once to release the autopilot.
6) Press the 'Esc' key to abort the mission. It ends automatically when you crash or eject.

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