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'Red Orchestra' - Updated UT2003 Mod Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 24, 2003 @ 1:00 a.m. PDT

Red Orchestra is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 which brings you in-depth infantry combat on the Eastern Front of WWII. With the emphasis on realism and authenticity, the Soviet Red Army meets the German Army on the ground across battlefields from Kiev through Stalingrad and on to the Reichstag in Berlin. Real weapons. Real battles. Real soldiers. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Red Orchestra v1.1 Full Mod [Linux/Win] off Worthplaying (320mb)

Get the Red Orchestra v1.1 Mod Update [Linux/Win] off Worthplaying (110mb)

New Features:

  • A message will now appear when players join a game telling them how to choose a side
  • Added VoteKick feature. Players can enter "VoteKick " in the console to vote out players.
  • Servers can set the "VoteKickPct" to the percentage of players required to oust a player (default is 0.6).
  • Overhead maps are now ingame, they are on the objective screen. Default key is 'o'
  • Added delay between jumps
  • Added number of players needed to capture an objective
  • The scope system now has 3 settings. The texture overlay, a lower detail scope with the scope a little farther from the eye, and a high detail one with the scope close to the eye. The low detail scope should be used by default as it offers the best balance between FPS and detail.
  • Texture scope view now bobs like the 3d scope view so texture scope users won't have an advantage over 3d scope users.
  • Firing from the crouched position and not moving will decrease weapon spread by 15%
  • Firing from the prone position will decrease weapon by 30%
  • Added a temp feature so throwing your weapon will automatically drop your ammo for that weapon, this will allow you to pick the ammo up again if you dropped your weapon on accident
  • Increase the range player names are visible from 32 feet to 100 feet
  • Added bayonet support for the Mosin-Nagant 91/30
  • Temporarily increased the amount of spread you'll experience when firing in hip mode. This will only affect rifles
  • You must finish the current bash before you can do another bash.


  • PPS-43 magazine pickups now hold 35 rounds
  • Throwing your weapon in iron sights no long keeps you player in a walk state.
  • Weapons now have a huge reduction in accuracy when jumping.
  • The Change Scope Detail key has been disabled for non-sniper weapons
  • Fixed a reloading exploit where after starting a reload, a player could bash, then attach/remove a bayonet and continue firing without completing the reload animation
  • Fixed bug where Red Orchestra weapon names were showing up with UT2k3 fonts and colors.
  • Fixed bug where grenades were the first weapon to come up in an online game, this caused a small problem listed in Known Bugs
  • Fixed the kar98's scoped last shoot animation so it doesn't go to iron sight alignment then jump to scope alignment.
  • Fixed an accessed none problem that was occuring online with ammo pickups
  • Fixed a probem where starting a reload in iron sights, then hitting the iron sights button while transitioning, would cause a bad weapon FOV to be displayed
  • Increased bash damage so two hits will kill
  • Added better checks to prevent firing through walls exploits
  • Fixed the View Shake rotation and offset time on all the pistols and the SVT-40
  • Increased the volume of the bullet hit sounds
  • Removed the ability to change the player view FOV while ingame
  • Fixed an accessed none related to bashing
  • Fixed a cause of infinite ammo bug
  • Slightly increased the default spread on the rifles
  • Increased the view shake rate when firing the kar 98
  • Moved the Progress message position up by a small amount so server messages don't block iron sights view
  • Fixed the infinite ammo bug caused when you dropped your weapon, then picked it up again.
  • Fixed a bug where 1 too many magazines would drop when your weapon is thrown.
  • Player HUD ammo will now be properly incremented when a magazine or clip is picked up
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD ammo wouldn't update at all when a player with no ammo picked up a magazine or clip.
  • The names of other weapons the player is carrying no longer show up if you try to switch weapons while your current weapon is in the middle of an action. These actions include sprinting, reloading, firing, bashing, bayonet attaching and crawling
  • Added a touch message to the nagant ammo clips so you know when you are touching them
  • Nagant 91/30 scoped will now be able to use ammo pickups from the Nagant 91/30 and Nagant 91/38
  • Slightly increased the maximum possible recoil for firing the G-43 and SVT-40
  • Temporarily increased the default spread on the G-43 and SVT-40
  • Increase the view shake magnitude and speed when firing the G-43 and SVT-40.
  • Increased the volume on grenade explosion sounds
  • Fixed sprint-crawling bug
  • Slightly reduced prone transition time period
  • Objective capture bug when one team has 0 players has been fixed
  • Fixed a few 3rd person animations for the sniper rifles
  • Fixed scoreboard bug where names got repeated
  • German hats now handed out
  • Voice menu now works online
  • Mine fixes
  • Changed death message color
  • Created a more clean RedOrchestra.ini file that solves many issues
  • New grenade projectile class with some fixes
  • Many menu fixes
  • Fixed playing of breathing sounds after players die
  • Added percentage of reinforcements left to the scoreboard
  • Fixed left leg hits counting as chest hits
  • Fixed stamina being taken away if walking and holding the sprint key at the same time
  • Fixed the bug where you could see through to the skybox with the scopes.
  • Fixed many map bugs
  • Fixed invulnerable bushes
  • Lots of other fixes that weren't recorded

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