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'Quake 3: True Combat' - Mod Update Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 27, 2003 @ 9:33 p.m. PST

Team Terminator has taken the best and most advanced of the 3rd party maps out there, piled them together with stable new server configs and a working mapcycle and is proud to release Quake 3: True Combat 1.1 to the public. This patch will resolve some of the rather ugly broken cycles and screwed settings on the server thus giving more reliabilty and enjoyabilty to you. Read more for download links ...

Get the True Combat v1.1 patch off Worthplaying (64mb)

Important things about this patch:

This patch does not contain any new code, weapons or bugfixes. It is just to spread the quality maps and to improve the server situation.

The patch ( 63 mb ) includes 7 improved or unaltered versions of the following custom maps: skirmish, snowbridge, cityheat, gunstore, forest, mansion and fortress. The custom mappers are 5th Horsemen, Liquid, FinnishBeret and myself.

Also included are 4 new sets of configs along with the mapcycle:

  • 1 life mission ( 1life.cfg and 1lifecycle.cfg )
  • 3 life mission ( 3 life.cfg and 3lifecycle.cfg )
  • unlimited lifes mission ( inflife.cfg and inflifecycle.cfg )
  • ctf ( ctf.cfg and ctfcycle.cfg )

The new maps are named ctc_mapname ( for custom True Combat )


Please also remove old versions of the maps.

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