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'Falcon 4.0 Gold: Operation Infinite Resolve' - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2003 @ 6:25 p.m. PST

Falcon: OIR is an updated version of the classic flight sim Falcon 4. It features many enhancements over the original Falcon 4, including flight dynamics, improved controls, graphics, and new aircraft to fly. Fans will be able to enjoy enhanced game play but relive the experience that made the original such a big hit. A comprehensive list of the technical enhancements can be found below. Read more for details and some new airborne screens ...

Falcon: OIR will include a new A-10 flight model with the following features:

  • Real non Fly-by-Wire aircraft
  • Simulation of high angle-of-attack flights
  • Simulation of pitch, roll and yaw moments about Body axes
  • Simulation of drag, moment of inertia and cross product of inertia induced by pylon (external) payload, including asymmetry
  • Realistic take-off and landing
  • 2 engine model and controls
  • Simulation of realistic stall and post stall behaviours
  • New and accurate Flight Control Systems
  • Realistic flight damage behaviour
  • Realistic flight in disturbed atmosphere (turbulence)
  • Realistic dynamics of A-10’s guided and non-guided weapons

Other new features:

  • Updated graphics rendering engine to include a Z-buffer function
  • New weapons lethality model - Accurate lethality models for guided and non-guided weapons
  • New damage model of aerial and ground vehicles and how this model affects the behaviour of the vehicles
  • New turbulence and gust models
  • Accurate and complex air-to-ground operations of A-10
  • New and accurate behaviour of computer controlled armoured vehicles
  • New and accurate behaviour of Air Defence, AAA, SAMs and Counter measures
  • New and accurate behaviour of computer controlled airplanes
  • New missions against armoured vehicles, such as destruction of the main battle tanks and armoured vehicle and heavy artillery systems
  • New missions against stationary objects, such as command communication and control centres, dots and plants
  • New missions against SAM mobile and stationary complexes
  • New missions against integrated Enemy Air Defence with Electronic counter Measures (ECM) and Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) and Surface-to-Surface complexes
  • New 3D models for air, ground, naval and terrain
  • New background images for User Interface
  • Improved sky graphics and terrain lighting
  • New terrain features for Korean Theatre
  • New User Interface
  • Updated Graphics Rendering engine including Z-buffer function

Be in with a chance to win a free copy of the game. Simply email your name, age and address details to The winners will receive a free copy of the game when it is released in November.

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