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Indie Games Con ’03 - Game Lineup

by Rainier on Oct. 3, 2003 @ 12:37 a.m. PDT

GarageGames announced today the line-up of games for the Indie Games Con ’03 (IGC). IGC allows independent game developers to bring there games to “ShowOFF.” Developers can get unbiased reviews from their peers, have the opportunity to play these games at the LAN party and of course, compete for the coveted IGC Player’s Choice Awards. Read more for details ...

“Last year seeing what showed up was great fun and a big surprise for everyone,” comments Jay Moore, IGC Evangelist. “This year some of the studios have given us advanced notice saying they'll have builds ready to ShowOFF at the event.”

Games already scheduled to be previewed at IGC:

Bit Shifter by Plastic Games

A strategy game with a definite arcade vibe, Bit Shifter takes players into the outer limits of their imagination. You play Flash Bios, fearless Bit Shifter for the System Maintenance Corp. When the evil Colonel Panic unleashes a mysterious virus into the System, Bit Shifter is called in to save the day. Pilot your trusty ship, the S.S. Scandisc, destroy Colonel Panic’s evil minions and ultimately save the System!

Trajectory Zone by Midnight Ryder Technologies

Trajectory Zone is a 3D arcade adaptation of the old popular 'fling explosives at your friends' style of game. TZ modernizes the concept with new gameplay elements, a brilliant 3D environment, a single player Alien Invasion mode and of course, Internet and LAN play. IGC '03 will mark the release of the initial Beta of Trajectory Zone, and the first time the public will have the chance to play the game.

TubeTwist by Pinoli Software

Solve mind-bending puzzles by constructing a series of tubes that will guide one or more balls from their starting location to the goal. 25 unique tube pieces, each with their own special function, provide countless solutions to each of the 50 thought provoking puzzles. Players can also create their own tube-twisting challenges and share them with friends using the built-in Puzzle Creation Editor. Flexible camera controls provide a complete view of the 3D puzzle environments; including a Japanese Tea Room, a Moon Base, and a Construction Site.

GravRally by 21-6 Productions, Inc.

Experience a career in the ultimate racing sport of the future – GravRally! Take control of the latest in anti-gravity technology as you race high-speed GravBikes through open environments such as the futuristic city of Metropolis Prime or the lush beaches of Ocean-Side Island. Engage the Magnetic GravMode to drive on vertical or even inverted surfaces providing a racing experience like no other! Earn game credits by competing in any of six different race modes including Standard Checkpoint Racing, Elimination, FreeForm, Rabbit, Hunter, and Cruise. Use those credits to purchase new equipment and even sell/trade equipment in the online marketplace. Players can also manage teams, host tournaments, and race in officially-sponsored regional and world-wide events for bling bling cash prizes.

Dark Horizons: Lore by Max Gaming Technologies, LLC

Lore's fast paced action and richly textured universe will thrill even die hard mech fans. Players are thrust into a massive Cold War as three superpowers are fighting for ultimate control. Which faction will you side with? Build your clan, create alliances and join in on the ultimate in mech warfare. Customize your MAV for over-the-top destruction and then watch your opponent eat a missile. As you navigate the Dead Zone, Jump jets, homing missiles, rockets, plasma guns, laser cannon mounted on one of 6 playable MAV's are yours to control. Do you have what it takes to lead a revolution? The thrill of victory will be yours for the taking in Dark Horizons: Lore.

ThinkTanks 1.1 an Active X Online Game by BraveTree Productions, LLC

ThinkTanks popularity is on the rise and now available in an exclusive 3MB download. In addition to providing bandwidth to any game site who would like to offer the game to their Windows audiences, BraveTree will also provide free banner ad space (which is included in the game download). This single player version has an enhanced tutorial and unlimited free play however it’s limited to one map and one tank.

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