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'Paradise Cracked' Available In Stores

by Rainier on Oct. 3, 2003 @ 9:44 a.m. PDT

Tri Synergy and Buka Entertainment a leading Russian publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software announced today that the PC game Paradise Cracked is available at North American retail stores nationwide. If you don't know what Paradise Cracked is all about, read our previously posted preview.

Paradise Cracked finds the player in a future where the world has suffered from many years of overpopulation and ecological destruction, until the leading scientists created Cyber Brain - a supercomputer that solved all the global problems and turned the overpopulated and polluted Earth into Paradise. You are a young hacker. Once, while in cyberspace you managed to break into a secured area and came across a series of strange data packets. You hurriedly copied these to disk, not even having the time to read their contents. Only a few minutes later you hear a police siren, followed by banging on the door and demands to open up.

Key features:

  • Paradise Cracked with its rich and compelling Sci Fi story is an RPGTactical strategy game that is played out in a vivid, futuristic, 3D isometric world.
  • The creation of this Breath-taking adventure was inspired by the great works of William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and the movies "Blade Runner", "Matrix" and "Ghost in the Shell"
  • The advanced 3D graphic engine implements a revolutionary free floating camera that ensures the player will be completely immersed in the Paradise Cracked universe.
  • A wide variety of weapons and ammo allows the player several choices as to how they investigate and complete the tasks and missions.
  • Hi-Tech special cyber-devices increase a player’s abilities and opportunity to overcome the limitations of the human body.
  • A Completely open ended Non-linear mission structure. Actions and choices in a current mission will dictate the order of all upcoming missions. This randomness will keep the game exciting and fresh.
  • A realistic physics model with destroyable objects and deformable terrain.

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