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'Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough' Tournaments

by Rainier on Oct. 31, 2003 @ 9:03 p.m. PST

November 1st, test your five-player team’s mettle as you strategically battle your way through the Gamers Open North American Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough Online Divisional! Prizes for the series of tournaments are worth over $5,000, so prepare your troops for heavy fighting in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy, all from the ease of an iGames game center. The Gamers Open Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough Championship season is sponsored by EA, Antec, Biostar, Sapphire, and game servers provided by Game Daemons.

You and your squad mates can test out all new weaponry and machinery against the Axis powers in this Medal of Honor expansion pack. Play your best and you could represent North America in the International MoHAA: Breakthrough Championships! One hard-playing, winning five-player team from the continents of Europe, Asia, South America, and North America will be flown and accommodations provided for 3 nights in Los Angeles, California in which all participating teams will receive iGames ranking points, and The winning team will earn the right to be titled the best Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough team in the world. Sign up for the November 1 Online Divisional now. For more information, go to the Gamers Open MoHAA: Breakthrough minisite or the iGames MoHAA: Breakthrough minisite.

North America MoHAA: Breakthrough Event Dates

Online Divisional #1 November 1, 2003
Online Divisional #2 November 23, 2003
Regional Event Weekend December 20 - 21, 2003
International Championships January 31 - Feb 1, 2003

International Event Dates (some countries may have different dates and formats):

Divisional November 22 or November 29th
Country Finals December 13 or December 20
Continental Finals January 3 - 4

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