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'Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front' Goes Gold - Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 7, 2003 @ 5:09 a.m. PDT

Matrix Games and Tri Synergy are pleased to announce that Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front by Freedom Games has gone gold and will be released into retail outlets by October 20th. InSquad Assault: West Front, you command troops in both the Allied and German Armies of the Western Front of World War II in an fully immersive 3-D continuous time environment. Squad Assault: West Front features detailed models for all the major armies that fought in France in 1944, including American, German, British, Canadian, and Free French. Read more for details & screens...

For those who prefer traditional turn-oriented play, a sixty second auto-pause feature for order entry and battlefield assessment allows for a more thoughtful game. A 2D overhead map view with order entry is also available for those who prefer to see the battle from above.

Once the battle starts, the virtual soldiers you command respond with real reactions to the combat situations around them. The psychological modeling combines with unsurpassed detail in terrain, weather, weapons, vehicles, and armor penetration to make Squad Assault: West Front a riveting recreation of World War II tactical combat.

Multi-player options for head to head play via TCP/IP / LAN are included.

The game features both historical and hypothetical scenarios and includes detailed maps from actual topographical data to create an even more realistic immersive World War II 3-D environment.

Squad Assault features include:

  • Continuous time / Timed play World War II 3D strategy game
  • Pauseable (user defined or auto-paused)
  • Company level tactical setting with the emphasis on small unit tactics.
  • Detailed combat system
  • Detailed armor models
  • Play as Allies or Germans (allies include US, British, Canadian and French troops)
  • Detailed psychological models
  • Complete 3D world, fully deformable
  • Detailed terrain model based on topographic maps of the real terrain
  • Full 2D maps available at a keystroke to make battle overview simple and easy to view
  • Multi-player action for head to head play
  • Multiplayer Client Included
  • Historical and hypothetical scenarios
  • Operations and dynamic campaigns allow long replay ability (ships with 3 full campaigns)
  • Scenario Editor
  • Ships with an easy to use Mod-installer (lets you swap mods with a mouse click!) Sample mods are included

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