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ESPN Videogames Reveals 'Online League Experience' For PS2

by Rainier on Oct. 7, 2003 @ 1:02 p.m. PDT

ESPN Videogames today announced details of the ESPN Videogames Online Leagues for PlayStation 2 gamers who eagerly await the company's sports game lineup for the 2003-04 season. ESPN Videogames Online Leagues invite ESPN NFL Football, ESPN NBA Basketball, and ESPN College Hoops players to create and manage their own leagues with other sports gamers across the country. The leagues are now accessible at the ESPN Videgames' website by clicking on the 'PS2 Online Gaming' link. This feature can be accessed through any PC with an Internet connection.

"The ESPN Videogames Online Leagues is the most robust offering for sports fans who are dedicated to the spirit of competition," states Greg Thomas, president of ESPN Videogames. "Created in tandem with our sports titles, they will surpass gamers' expectations with their deep play-by-play and statistical reporting."

The ESPN Videogames Online Leagues will deliver the following:

  • Fully Automated Stat Updates - After completing a scheduled game, statistical data, including a won-lost record and game stats (rushing yards, points per game, etc.), will be uploaded directly to the league page;
  • Control the league - Players can create and manage the league right through the PC. Up to 32 players can take control of their favorite franchise and meet online to battle. The league manager can determine the length of the schedule, the length of quarters, and can set all difficulty settings;
  • Full Play-by-Play Recap - For each league game that is played, a recap of every play in the game will be automatically uploaded to the league page. This innovative new feature will show everyone in the league exactly how the game went down;
  • Players Provide the ESPN Game Summary - After each game, users will be able to, in their own words, provide a game recap for their league's page. Funny or serious, taunting or polite - it will all be there for the rest of the league to see;
  • 'Click and Go' Interface - Creating and managing a league is as easy as 'point and click' as the league interface walks league managers through the process and takes care of all the calculations. Simply 'click and go;'
  • Instant Messaging - Want to talk some smack? Or maybe just see if a friend is interested in playing? Players online can use the league's IM system to chat with a rival or best friend - whether across the street or across the country. Players can meet others through the message board and send them a personal IM to discuss the league further;
  • League News - Each league page features a news section on which league managers can post player achievements, transactions or any other noteworthy items;
  • Interactive Tour - Before players start or join a league, an online interactive tutorial is available to walk them through the process.

ESPN Videogames titles are produced by Visual Concepts. For more information on the games, visit the official ESPN Videogames' website.

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