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Halo - Dedicated Server Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 7, 2003 @ 9:14 p.m. PDT

Halo Dedicated Server 1.02 has been released; it adds the ability to run multiple instances of the server on a single machine, and enables RCON functionality (you can remotely control the server, without needing direct access to the machine). Gearbox and Bungie are making this available tonight, so that folks running dedicated servers can be prepared when the client patch goes live, DO NOT INSTALL THIS YET, nobody will be able to play on your server. Simply get it to your server tonight, so that you're ready when the switchover occurs tomorrow. The mapfiles are not included, they will be released tomorrow, for those who don't already have them.

Get the Halo v1.02 Dedicated Server off Worthplaying (7mb)

Microsoft Halo PC Dedicate Server Instructions

This file contains information to help you install and run a Halo dedicated server.


To be in touch with other dedicated servers operators, please visit the Dedicated Server forums on

1. Basic installation

  1. Double-click HaloPC_DS.exe to extract the files to a folder on your hard disk. (e.g. C:HaloPC_DS)
  2. Double-click C:halopc_DShalopc_reg.reg file.
  3. Run haloded.exe.

2. Configuration

Configuration is handled through the init.txt and mapcycle.txt files in this version. Samples have been provided to run a few maps and get you up and running very quickly. The text files can be modified to include more features, different server name, maps used and game variations.

3. Console commands

You can get a listing of the different console commands by pressing the TAB key within the console window and then using "help command" (where command is actually one of the console commands listed) to get specific help on a command.

4. Further releases

The dedicated server will be updated within the next week or so to support multiple instances per server as well as RCON.

Please visit or daily for updates.

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