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Infinium Labs Launches Forum For Phantom Game System

by Thomas on Oct. 9, 2003 @ 10:40 a.m. PDT

Infinium Labs announced today it has launched an official forum for an ever-growing group of avid gamers and friends who are interested in the Phantom Game System and the PhantomNet - VPGN (Virtual Private Game Network).

"We created the forum as a community environment where participants can follow the Phantom Game System progress and as a place to make friends with people who share common interests," commented Timothy M. Roberts, President and CEO of Infinium Labs. "We expect the forum will grow in the months ahead and we will make every effort to post the most up to date information about the Phantom Game Systems and our PhantomNet - VPGN."

Currently, the forum includes the following topics: News Releases, General Questions, Inquiries, Photos and a Suggestion Box. The content will be expanded over time.

Infinium Labs' Phantom next-generation game system supports games on demand, game rentals, game demos, seamless upgrades and patch management. At launch, the Phantom will be the fastest, most powerful console on the market and will include a broad selection of pre-loaded games, on-demand games and game rentals.

The Phantom is an always-on broadband device, which will allow gamers a wealth of options, from wireless connectivity to massive multiplayer capabilities, allowing gamers to demo games before purchasing or subscribing. For more information on the Phantom Game System, please visit

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