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Buka Entertainment - Microforum Italia Deal

by Thomas on Nov. 12, 2003 @ 8:19 a.m. PST

Buka Entertainment, one of the European publishers, and Microforum Italia S.p.A., one of the well-known software distributors in Italy, are pleased to announce a new deal, which includes the following titles:

  • Echelon: Wind Warriors
  • Midnight Nowhere
  • March!: Offworld Recon

    The titles will be fully localized and distributed in Italy in DVD boxes at the price of 9.90 euro per unit.

Buka Entertainment is satisfied that with Microforum partnership and looks forward to good cooperation in future. Buka’s presence in Italy began in the year 1999. There were signed several contracts with Microforum (“Hard Truck” and “The Next Worlds”) and New Media srl. (“Gromada”).

Halifax Spa. secured Italian rights to publish “Horde: The Northern Wind” in the year 2000.

In 2001 Leader started “Echelon” distribution. Microforum continued cooperation with Buka in 2002 by signing “Spells of Gold” and “Horde: The Citadel” for distribution. Later on Microforum and Buka signed the next agreement covering “Read Shark”, “The Ultimate Billiards” and “Steamland”.

About Microforum Italia S.p.A.

Microforum Italia S.p.A. was founded in Rome, Italy, in 1996, as a subsidiary of Microforum Manufacturing Inc. of Toronto, Canada, so as to distribute its products in Italy.As of early 1998, Microforum Italia S.p.A. become independent and started its own operations in Italy, acquiring publication licenses from developers in Italy and abroad, to be published under Microforum Italia's brand.

The company's motto is: "il meglio a meno", which can be translated as: "the best for the least".

Microforum Italia has recently opened an office in Toronto, Canada, so as to create a base for marketing its products in North America.

About BUKA Entertainment

Buka Entertainment is a European publisher headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Since its foundation in 1994 and up to the present Buka has released more than 100 games both home-grown and localized, including made in Russia Fair Strike, Battle Mages and The Entente: World War I Battlefields.

Russian games produced by Buka became the internationally anticipated and recognized brands. Buka’s games came to 70 countries of the globe, such as the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, and Eastern Europe.

We signed our titles with more than 56 Publishers scattered around the world. Among them, we have names like Encore, Capcom, Acclaim, Cenega, Data Becker, JoWooD, Ubi Soft, and a number of smaller, but reliable and good partners as well, leaders in their respective territories.

The recent years were flagged with the steadfast expansion of Buka’s direct sales operations spanning the Russian Federation and CIS countries through to Mainland China, where Buka will establish a subsidiary company in early 2004.

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