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Lords Of EverQuest

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Rapid Eye Entertainment
Release Date: Dec. 12, 2003

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'Lords of EverQuest' - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 19, 2003 @ 2:59 a.m. PST

Lords of EverQuest brings the best elements of the real-time strategy world together with the epic storyline and depth of the legendary EverQuest fantasy roleplaying game.


Three factions will vie for the control of the continent Antonica to ultimately shape the future of Norrath. Players choose from 16 individually customizable heroes to dominate the action on the medieval battlefield. From its graphics, to its ease of use, to its epic storyline, Lords of EverQuest is sure to be the new king of the RTS genre.

As the largest consortium on Norrath, the Dawn Brotherhood holds sway over everything from the glittering shores of Erud's Crossing to the barren wastes of The Frigid Plain. Given the Brotherhood's humble origins, few could have guessed how powerful their union would one day become.

In the days before the pact of Halas Humans, Barbarians, and Dwarves lived primarily in small, scattered communities and bowed to three different kings. Though forced by a scarcity of natural resource to be neighbors upon the northern tundra, they were neither allies nor enemies, preferring to keep company with their own kind. But news from the outside world was becoming increasingly dire. To the east, the Tier'Dal warred upon the crumbling remnants of the Elddar Empire, an act unthinkable in centuries past. Word also rushed from village to village that dark armies had been seen on the march, possibly angling for an attack on the newly constructed barbarian city on the shores of Loch Lir. As the evidence began to mount that the isolation of the northland people might well spell their doom, the three kings agreed to discuss an alliance of their peoples. It was a meeting that almost happened too late.

On the eve of the great conference as representatives from all the northland bands gathered in Halas, an Iksar army invaded the city. Under the cover of night, Barbarians, Humans, and Dwarves fought side-by-side in a desperate, pitched battle against an enemy they frequently could not see and definitely had never encountered. Realizing only at the break of dawn that they had repelled the enemy attack the three kings vowed that their people must always stand at each other's sides. And thus was the Dawn Brotherhood born.

Determined to secure the liberty of all their kind, the Brotherhood blazed south on a mission of liberation. In the northern plains of Karana they freed the Erudites, a magical offshoot of humanity who had been plagued for decades by savage Blackpaw Gnolls. Upon the Plains they also encountered the swift, mounted warriors known as the Kerrans, and quickly won the cat-like people over to their cause. In only a matter of months, they claimed all the western lands north of the Plainscutter River, a feat unrivalled even by the former Elven empire to the east. The second great consortium had staked its claim upon the lands of Tunaria.

Features :

  • An epic story playable from three unique and different perspectives that involves over 75 hours of single player gameplay
  • Three completely different factions, each with their own special units and strategies
  • Hundreds of items and magical artifacts to arm troops with 36 challenging single player maps and dozens of multiplayer maps
  • Take command of one of 16 different Lords
  • Level up Lords and uncover even greater power as all units level up, gaining experience and abilities
  • The ability to carry over key troops from mission to mission
  • A spell and ability system with more than 125 unique properties
  • Superior online multiplayer options for up to 12 players - No subscription fee required
  • State of the art custom 3D engine providing cutting-edge 3D graphics with more than 3 levels of zoom, 32 bit color and support for 1600x1200 resolution for superior detail

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