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Virtual Skipper 3

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Digital Jesters Launches The 'Virtual Skipper 3' HQ

by Thomas on Nov. 19, 2003 @ 4:02 a.m. PST

For Virtual Skippers, the site contains everything one could wish for. Beautiful videos and screenshots illustrate the sophisticated technology powering the virtual winds and seas. A playable demo is available for those keen to dip their toes in the digital waters before trying the full game, whilst screenshot and artwork complete the picture postcard feel.

For those that sail or are keen to get into the sport, the site offers a 'Sailing Centre' which collates a host of additional reference material designed to both educate virtual skippers or provide a refresher for salty sea goers. Links to a range of online resources such as weather and tide information provide the perfect departure point for those keen to get wet.

At the core of the site sits the community forums, which allow browsers to talk about virtual or real sailing to other enthusiasts. As the site evolves, VS3 players will be able to exchange skins and bespoke waterways in order to get even more from the game. Additionally, players will be able to organise online regattas and races, with their details being filtered onto the game's official scoreboards.

Ellen Macarthur – who has endorsed the title – is also providing a newsfeed to the site, so VS3 fans can keep up to date with what the award-winning record breaker is currently up to. She'll be using VS3 to launch her new craft in January 2003 – and the HQ will be the place to follow her progress on this and her next record-breaking attempts.

"The Virtual Skipper HQ is a different type of official website," says Leo Zullo, Marketing Manager, Digital Jesters. "As the game appeals to a wide range of players and consumers, we wanted to approach it slightly differently. As the community evolves, so the HQ will develop into the essential resource for getting more out of the game. Virtual Skipper 3 is one of those rare games which can literally never end and the HQ will enable digital sailors to get the most for their money – a Digital Jesters ethos."

Virtual Skipper 3 will be published on November 28th for PC CD-ROM by Digital Jesters, priced £34.99.

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