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World Championship Pool 2004

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Game’s Top Players Licensed In 'World Championship Pool 2004'

by Thomas on Nov. 19, 2003 @ 7:47 a.m. PST

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POOL 2004 features 11 of the world's highest-ranked 9-ball competitors including the current 2003 World and German Champion, Thorsten Hohmann, along with America's Earl "The Pearl" Strickland, and Steve Davis and Tony Drago, two of the world's biggest names from snooker and now leading 9-ball players. The agreement with the IPA and its affiliate, the World 8-ball Pool Federation, is linked to 8-ball pool and gives the rights to 13 of the world's leading players as well as the world's biggest competition, the World Championship for 8-ball. Included in the list of high profile players is Chris Melling - World 8-ball Champion (WEPF) 2003.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POOL 2004 aims to be the most authentic pool game on the market. Boasting six modes of play - 9-Ball, 8-Ball, Career Mode, a Snooker game, Trick Shots and Fun Games, WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POOL 2004 promises to appeal to both die-hard pool fans and casual pool-hall players.

Gamers can assume the role of the sport's best players, adopting their unique style and specific shooting preferences or compete against these true-to-life legends. Tools such as the precise aiming aid and shot strength meter can improve players' skills. In venues both real and fictitious, winning a match can unlock unique ball sets and world-class pool cues. A dynamic camera system and 100% real physics give WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POOL 2004 TV-style coverage complete with famous commentators.

The game includes both single and multi-player modes and will be the first online pool game for the PlayStation 2 and the first pool game for Xbox and Xbox™ Live .

"The Xbox team is ready for World Championship Pool 2004 to expand the gaming experience for our Xbox and Xbox Live communities," said J Allard, Vice President for the Xbox Platform division of Microsoft. "The fact that the game includes the world's top pool and snooker players is a real coup for our gamers and Jaleco Entertainment."

Matchroom Sport is one of the leading world sports events organizations, creating, promoting, organizing and televising major events worldwide under the charismatic leadership of Executive Chairman Barry Hearn. The deal with Matchroom Sport focuses on the 9-ball game and gives the rights to the world's leading players and the sport's biggest competitions - the Mosconi Cup, a hugely popular and widely televised competition between Europe and the USA, and the World Championship. Also included is the use of the image of Michaela Tabb, the referee whose dealings with players have earned her a popular following in the sport.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POOL 2004 is developed by Blade Interactive, makers of the critically acclaimed World Championship Snooker series, and will be available for PC CD-Rom, PlayStation 2 and Xbox in December. The game is rated "E" for everyone.

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