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'Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3' (PS2) Ships To Stores

by Rainier on Nov. 19, 2003 @ 2:27 p.m. PST

Crave Entertainment in association with developer Genki Co. has shipped their latest title Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, for the PS2. For players who enjoyed navigating the open roads of Tokyo in Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero, the game offers realistic drives along the highways of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Just in time for the holidays, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 will retail for just under $20.00.

For the first time in the series' history, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 uses licensed Japanese, North American and European car manufacturers. Players will be able to get behind the wheel of over 15 different car manufacture models. The game also benefits from a massive upgrade from previous games in the series. The upgrade includes the driving physics engine, graphical effects and editors, driving conditions and courses, vehicle tuning options and rival characters.

Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 will feature:

  • A total road length of 200 miles to manuever, all graphically designed tore-create the look and feel of the actual highways of Japan.
  • Over 15 different licensed car manufacturers including Nissan, Toyota, GM,Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.
  • Challenge up to 600 rivals on the highways, offering extended game play.
  • A virtual "stock pile" of car tuning options to choose from. Players canadjust just about every body or performance part on the vehicle. Trick outthe car with custom parts from Hart, Riverside and Yokohama. Customize thelook with the skin editor that offers pixel-level control of the paint job.
  • A Unique vs. Battle SP Racing System which distinguishes the game fromother racers.

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