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Running With Scissors Shares The Pain... With Itself!

by Rainier on Nov. 19, 2003 @ 8:39 p.m. PST

Running With Scissors today seized control of their own destiny by announcing they will self-publish the first-ever multiplayer version of POSTAL. The outrageous game developer that no industry expert, media hack or political pundit predicted could ever survive simply by giving fans what they wanted, will ship POSTAL 2: Share The Pain, the MULTIPLAYER Edition, this December.

"Merely being a developer in the videogame business just wasn't giving me the stress level my mind requires," said Vince Desi, Running With Scissors' Zen Master of Anger Management. "We've always taken a 'different' approach to development, and I'm sure we'll be accused of much worse as a publisher."

Running With Scissors first exploded onto the game scene back in 1997. Their premier title, POSTAL, instantly established itself as a cult sensation, and to this day enjoys a "special" place on everybody's list of most violent videogames.

Gary Coleman, star of POSTAL 2 and the new Multiplayer, said, "Running With Scissors cut out the middleman with some serious vengeance! Now, they'll self-publish and we'll hit the ground running and won't stop 'til the ground tires out!"

"Publishing is the easiest part of the equation," grinned Desi. "Once you have a great product, the rest falls into place. I've always been amazed by publishers who fail to see that it's the developer that's most important."

"Share The Pain is so completely off-the-wall," added Desi, "that the Multiplayer even mocks gameplay by introducing SNATCH, RWS's version of Capture-The-Flag featuring the POSTAL Babes... Obviously, our trusting Share The Pain to anyone else wasn't an option we could live with."

POSTAL 2: Share The Pain will soon be available for PC worldwide.

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