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'FaitH' Launches Unlimited Free Play!

by Thomas on Nov. 20, 2003 @ 1:41 a.m. PST

The Dragon Claw Studio announced today that its massive multiplayer online strategy/RPG game will offer a completely free version for the next round of play. The free version comes with unrestricted play of one of the nine church options... Details below!

Check the website for details HERE!

FaitH is a unique online game, requiring a mere 15 minutes a day to play competitively. It blends a story into a strategy game and requires teamwork for success. Its highly graphic interface makes it easy to use, while its emphasis on community makes it fun to play. At the end of this round, prizes will be given out from our sponsors, Cheapass Games and Purge Online, including 15 gift certificates for $7.50 and 10 copies of Purge!

See why Computer Gaming Magazine says, "Browser games don't get any better looking than FaitH!" (Nov 2003). Special Edition accounts start at $10.80 USD. Numbers of free accounts may be limited, so sign up now!

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