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Enjoy 120 Levels Of Challenging Logic Puzzles

by Thomas on Nov. 20, 2003 @ 10:24 a.m. PST

Gearhand Studios has released Big Head Zed, a challenging Windows logic puzzle game that combines creative thinking with fun. The game features stunning 3D rendered art, an original music score, and creative sound effects.

In Big Head Zed, you have to make your way through six different spaceships, each with twenty decks. But you're in big trouble: Magneto balls block your way. With eleven different types of balls, which all react differently when they collide with other balls, it takes thought and strategy to make your way through each deck. You have to anticipate how each ball will transfer its energy to its neighbors. One magneto ball will trigger an explosion, while others will push, melt, or morph the ball that they collide with.

With no time pressure, and nobody shooting at you, Big Head Zed emphasizes logic and thinking outside the box. Adults will enjoy the relaxation and satisfaction of solving well-thought-out logic puzzles. Like chess, Big Head Zed encourages a player to plan out their moves in advance, think strategically, and combine actions to solve puzzles. Unlike chess, Big Head Zed's clever game play will entice a child to enjoy and master the game.

Providing more fun as the game progresses, Big Head Zed's 120 levels present increasingly challenging obstacles, requiring more and more intricate thought and planning. Training levels explain all game concepts. Help is always a keystroke away, and the undo and restart-level buttons keep you from pulling your hair out when you make careless errors. Hints can give you a nudge in the right direction, or reveal the complete solution if you're totally stuck.

With the game's emphasis on being kid-safe and family-friendly, parents can work with their children to solve Zed's puzzles interactively. Up to ten users can save their games in progress. There is even a built-in level editor that lets you create, save, and play your own original games.

Big Head Zed runs in 800-by-600 mode, full-screen or in a window, on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. The program costs $19.95(US), and comes with a 45-day moneyback guarantee, as well as free updates and email customer support. You can purchase Big Head Zed securely online at A free 15-level version is available on the same web site.

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