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'Pac-Man vs.' (GBA) - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2003 @ 11:11 a.m. PST

Exclusively for Nintendo GameCube with connectivity to the Game Boy Advance, the new screenshots accurately depict the classic arcade feel of Pac-Man vs. through advanced technology, offering crisp, clear graphics and bright colors as Pac-Man leads ghosts on another chase to consume pellets and fruit in a timely fashion. Read more for some quite similar looking GBA screens ...

Utilizing Nintendo's highly regarded connectivity function, players can now enjoy a legendary classic with multiple gaming devices. In Pac-Man® vs., players traverse six challenging mazes as they take on the role of either Pac-Man or one of the game's popular Ghosts. As Pac-Man, players view a full screen via Game Boy® Advance while the Ghost players see a partial maze on the Nintendo GameCube. With players competing for the highest number of points, Pac-Man increases his numbers by eating pellets, fruit and ghosts. The ghosts receive points for stealing fruit away from Pac-Man. Supporting up to four players, competition will be fierce to earn points and win the game! Pac-Man® vs., rated E for Everyone, is conveniently packaged this December with R: Racing Evolution and Pac-Man World2 at retail. The game is also offered as a free gift with retail purchase of I-Ninja.

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