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'Savage Eden: The Battle for Laghaim' Nears Release

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 12:32 a.m. PST

Savage Eden, the US version of the popular Asian online multiplayer game Laghaim, is nearing its release in America. The Nako engineers from Korea are at the iENT center of operations in Cary, NC working hard to make final developments and fine tuning for the United States game launch. The closed beta registration for the game was well received by the RPG community with over 2,000 applicants in the selection pool. The beta stage is set to begin sometime in early December.

Savage Eden Game Background:

The young Aidia summoned a strong White Tiger, the human placed a small device on the back of the tiger and Bulkan warrior to prevent them from being turned to stone by the Neo-Progmare Mutant. The human smiled as he heard one of his mine charges explode outside. "The mutant is here. To battle, to victory!"

The Races

  • Humans - intelligent, strong, dextrous and impossible to control. they craft small equipment that can enhance any creature's power and strength. The small equipment can also be used to enhance the abilities of the heavy weapons available only to humanity.
  • Bulkans - Massive and brutal, they have weapons with Memory Damage of two types: slayer weapons and weapons of demolition. Slayer is great in the attacking power and demolition causes extraordinary damage when it strikes. Bulkans also have a special weapon they wield called a Charkram and it may have extraordinary powers of its own. The Slayer and Charkram weapons may be enhanced by use of a Grindstone.
  • Kailiptons - Wielder of arcane magic they use Wands to enhance the powers generated by their Canes. These items can be recharged by Scrolls, which might also contain strong magics to enhance damage done, debilitate enemies or to protect themselves.
  • Aidia - Short, flying humanoids who can use a mystic item known as a Stone of Calling. This summons a variety of monsters that are stronger as the Aidia character grows more powerful. These creatures will defend or fight at the command of the summoner althought there is damage done to the Stone if the summoned creature dies.

Progmare - Evil personified, they took normal creatures of Laghaim and twisted their bodies and drove them insane with pain to craft their Neo-Progmare. The Neo-Progmare are capable of varied effects, almost all deadly. The most dangerous are the Mutants; strange in color and abilities.

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