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'Operation Watchet Freedom' Announced - Features

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 3:27 a.m. PST

Simply Gaming is proud to announce that is it starting work on its first game, titled Operation Watchet Freedom.. Brief Story: Terrorists have taken over the small town of Watchet and none of the villagers know why. What they don't know is that the town's paper mill is a front for a secret government nuclear missile base which the terrorists have taken over. The terrorists are threatening to launch 3 nukes at London, Washington and Russia if the government doesn't pay them 500 million within 48 hours. So it's up to our hero to retake the town and secure the nukes.


First Person Shooter

More than 20 weapons ranging from AK47's to home made bombs.

Whole town recreated in 3D allowing player to explore the whole town.

More than 30 missions above and below ground.

Choice of 6 SAS soldiers to play as.

Large training level to ready you for action.

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