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Konami Brings Mobile Phone Games To The U.S. Market

by Thomas on Nov. 25, 2003 @ 2:30 a.m. PST

Konami Corporation announced today that it is moving forward with its plans to deliver mobile phone games to the U.S. market. Konami started providing Frogger, an action game that enjoys enormous popularity in the U.S., to a major U.S. wireless carrier, AT&T Wireless, (headquarters: U.S.A. CEO: John D. Zeglis) for its newly enhanced mobile phone content service, "mMode" in time with its relaunch on November 20, 2003 (U.S. time). mMode is AT&T Wireless' consumer internet service which has more than one million subscribers throughout the U.S. mMode offers its users e-mail, games and other entertainment services on mobile phones.

Frogger was initially released as an arcade game in 1981 and became the rage of the times. It was transplanted to the consumer software platform in the North American market in 2001 and the series became a massive hit. Cute frog characters playfully jump across the game screen as the player tries to guide them safely home, while jumping over and dodging obstacles. Konami's other popular games including the side-scrolling shooting game "Gradius," and the action game "Castlevania," are also expected to be released over time.

Since 1999, Konami has distributed over 200 game titles through its Japanese mobile phone game sites such as "Konami Net DX". In January 2003, it began providing contents to the Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets and launched operations on a full-scale basis to deliver mobile phone games worldwide. With its plan to become a leading global content provider, Konami will actively pursue distribution of its mobile phone games throughout the world.

About mMode
mMode brings together email, Internet-based content, games and more all in one place on the wireless phone. The newly enhanced version of mMode features a more user-friendly design and interface, powerful personalization tools, exclusive navigation features, and a host of new applications for daily use in a mobile environment.

Provider: AT&T Wireless
Service Name: "mMode"
Distribution Area & Pricing: USA, US$4.99 per download
Distributed Content and Compatible Phones: Frogger (Gradius and Castlevania will be distributed in the future)
Starting Date: 11/10/2003 (US time)

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