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'Carve' (XBox) Coming In January - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 25, 2003 @ 3:31 p.m. PST

With Carve’s Xbox Live gameplay, players will have access to numerous options including custom races, a Team Mode where gamers partner with a friend to compete against other racers, and the ability to track stats and compare with racers from around the world. Players will be able to enhance their online experience by unlocking new courses and watercraft in the action-packed single player mode, which pits gamers against challenging and unique AI opponents.

Carve will feature numerous playable characters, each sporting their own individual racing styles and signature tricks. Players can unlock new stunts by successfully completing tournaments. In addition, the game features 24 breathtaking courses that are spread across Europe, North America, the Arctic and the Pacific region with beautiful, realistic water that includes unique wave conditions depending on locale.

Comic-styled characters have exactly that – character, each animated down to the individual finger bone. But there's nothing comic about the way they do battle with the player, pairing up in teams to deliver one of the freshest racing game AIs ever seen.

Its water technology is making waves too, leading to the most attractive recreation of the sloshing wet-stuff yet seen in a game. Highly optimised Environment-Mapped Bump-Mapping (EMBM) technology provides the sparkle and reflections, while physics leads to waves interacting in ways that deliver unique gameplay for every level and floating objects that react in a convincing manner. For subscribers to Xbox Live, Carve features fast and furious racing for up to eight players.

Producer Caspar Field enthuses, "Carve offers advances in so many areas: the waves, team AI and trick systems - never mind the online mode –all are fantastic additions to the genre. We're pushing things forwards - for us, that's the point. Anything less would be a waste of time."

While the waters in Carve are choppy, its journey so far has been plain sailing, notes Joss Ellis, Argonaut's Chief Operating Officer, "Carve is a truly great title, which demonstrates Argonaut's ability to create top race titles. We're immensely pleased with its speedy progress and look forward to releasing it in the near future".

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