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Priest (2003)

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action

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'Priest' - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 30, 2003 @ 12:53 a.m. PST

Priest is a multiplayer, head-to-head combat game that introduces controversial themes in a Wild West setting.

Priest is an action-horror RPG that creates a grim and gruesome ambiance while providing a healthy dose of gory, violent action.

Combining elements of both classic simulation and action games, Priest introduces a unique player vs. player/NPC structure and item/pet fusion system to create an FPS-like role-playing game in an entirely new genre.

Features :

  • Wage war using one of two factions-the holy Templars or the dark Heretics. Each faction possesses its own unique fighting techniques and attributes.
  • Eight different character types, each with its own upgrade tree, and special skills including spiritual attack and exorcism.
  • Battle your opponents and survey the battlefield in FPS-style encounters using a unique overhead 3rd person view.
  • Square off against the enemy faction or AI monsters over 48 different, realistic environments in heart-pumping multiplayer action. Or, venture off on personal quests to boost your character abilities and gain items.
  • Annihilate your enemies using an awesome repertoire of weapons ranging from wild western firearms to futuristic machine guns. Or, if you choose the Preacher faction, customize your body to make yourself a creature of devastating firepower!
  • Take advantage of weapons customization. Your weapons and items can be upgraded and combined with accessories for increased power and range.
  • An array of customizable cosmetic features such as hairstyle and facial structure allow you to personalize the look and feel of your character.
  • View your character from multiple camera views using real 3D graphics.
  • Optimized graphics featuring lush scenery, vivid coloration, and minute attention to detail. Backlit environments and low-lighting schemes immerse you in a chilling and horrific world.
  • Unique rule sets that accommodate combat settings such as player vs. player, team PvP against opposing the faction, team PvP within the same faction, and individual play.
  • Join guilds to work with others in battle and in town, where the cooperation of others is needed to gain distinct economic advantages.

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