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'Infiltration' - UT Total Conversion Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 1, 2003 @ 3:12 p.m. PST

Sentry Studios has released version 2.9 of their military squad based UT total conversion "Infiltration". This v2.9 version has a lot of new content such as new game modes, 18 new weapons, 22 new maps as well as various other new features. We have the core (just the mod), the map pack, the full install as well as the linux install available. Be aware, Unreal Tournament v436 is required. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Infiltration v2.9 Total Conversion Off worthplaying

Basic Infiltration Features

  • An arsenal of completely realistic weapons. Everything from the exact reload sound to the trajectory of spent shell casings has been meticulously recreated.
  • Real world sights for all weapons. Just like any other soldier, the player must bring their weapon up to their eye to aim through the weapons iron sights or scope.
  • Completely new movement. Movement speeds are realistic, including walking, jogging, and sprinting modes. Players also have the ability to crouch, get in a prone position, and lean around corners.
  • A library of built in audio commands that make true team work possible.
  • The visual depiction of shouldered and carried secondary weapons.
  • Included in this release are 22 new maps, 49 real world camouflage skins and a huge armory of 18 weapons with a variety of attachments.
  • New to this version are Claymore mines that can be either remotely detonated or armed with trip wires as well as smoke grenades to build cover for your advancing troops and signal grenades to mark locations.
  • Entirely new team based game modes with complex objectives and wave respawns.
  • A completely new game interface.

New Features implemented in the release (2.9) include:

  • Two new game modes:
    EAS (Enhanced Assault) game mode: Almost anything you can imagine can be done in this gamemode. The 2.9 map pack will mainly focus on capturing a data CD, but quite a few maps have other objectives as well.
  • Specialist game mode: Similar to EAS except that one person in the attack team is randomly selected to be the specialist. The specialist is the only person who can complete most of the EAS objective/s and must be protected by their team.

New weapons and equipment:

New DE skin
New 3 part scopes
M249 Minimi
Claymore mines that can be either remotely detonated or armed with trip wires
Smoke grenades
M1S90 shotgun replaces the M3S90 shotgun
ACOG and suppressor attachments for the FA MAS
Improved FA MAS skin
Improved p90 skin
New KaBar skin
Armor vests (Level II and IIIa)

New features:

  • Wave respawns
  • Much improved bot AI
  • Enhanced mutator class that gives developers and fans the ability to add their own weapons and equipment easily into Infiltration.

Full list of the 18 weapons included in the Infiltration mod

Beretta M9, FN Five-seveN, H&K MK 23 SOCOM, Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Submachine Guns
Arsenal AKMSU, FN P90, H&K MP5/40A3

Assault Rifles
Colt M16-A2, Giat Famas G2, SIG SG 551-SWAT

Sniper Rifles
H&K PSG-1, Robar RC50

Benelli M1 S90

Machine Guns

Explosive Devices / Projectors
H&K HK69-A1 Grenade Launcher, M67 Frag Grenade, M18A1 Claymore AP Mine, AN-M8 Smoke Grenade, M18 Smoke Grenade

KaBar Knife

Kevlar Helmet, Level II and IIIA vests

Full List of the 22 maps in the Infiltration 2.9 map pack

A City Block
Arab Outpost
Border Town
Chemical Threat
Cuban Dawn
Pankisi Gorge
Road To Kandahar
New Shooting Range for training

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