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'Chaser' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 11, 2003 @ 11:28 a.m. PST

Get the English/German Chaser v1.50 patch off Worthplaying (10mb)

Patch v1.50 Fixlist:

  • Multi Player Map Rotation added
  • Changed/added commands for dedicated server:
    • AddMap "Mapname.cew" - adds a map to the map rotation list which will be played
    • Set "NumGames" x - The number of times to play a map after which to load the next map in the list of maps
  • Added text [TEAM] and [ALL] in front of Multi Player messages
  • Added the Multi Player and Dedicated Server command: "ping_check". This command defines the maximum ping for players to be able to play. If a player
    has a higher ping than the specified ping_check value he will be automatically kicked out of the game.
  • Corrected the problem with crashing of the dedicated server on some maps (Forest Camp, Old Harbor)
  • Corrected the wrong behavior of the server when player had name "exit"
  • Corrected the sound problem of not playing the steps of players on fast networks
  • Corrected the possibility to play different version of maps
  • Corrected the possibility to cheat with own predefined materials
  • Added the possibility to kick player by number (Use command kick_list to display list of players with numbers for each name)
  • Added the Multi Player console command: "voice_messages" on/off - Option to turn voice messages from other players on or off
  • Corrected problems with Japanese subtitles

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