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'The Elemental' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 14, 2003 @ 2:53 a.m. PST

The Elemental is a total conversion of Gas Powered Games Dungeon Siege. Elemental is set in an alternate mythical version of ancient Judea that is gritty, mean, and profane. In a world full of Romans, thieves, and monsters the only real way to describe the Elemental experience is with one word, Biblepunk. This patch will update your Dungeon Siege modification to version 1b2 and now support Legends Of Aranna, fixes generals bugs and makes a few game tweaks. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Elemental v1b2 patch Off worthplaying (3mb)

This Alpha 1 release of Elemental contains approximately 5% of the Elemental experience. It contains 12 of our monsters, over 40 new weapons, 4 new skills, an underground catacombs area, our roman colosseum, and some suprises along the way. The original Dungeon Siege engine has been transformed into a brand new game system, featuring all new User Interfaces, Experience Systems, Combat Systems, Monster AI, Skill Systems, brand new art content, and many behind the scene changes.

Fixes :

  • Legends of Aranna support
  • Removed human and mantis as playable characters, they were never meant to be in R1 and caused large bugs.
  • Rollovers for health and mana in the UI.
  • Escape key from technique tree.
  • Item rollovers hide when the inventory dialog is closed.
  • Fixed no death at 0 HP bug.
  • Fixed a map issue where some objects never loaded.
  • Fixed camera position to be higher.
  • Fixed bug with anakim-wielded axe having no stats.
  • Fixed kill count to include skill-based kills.
  • Fixed item drop randomness.
  • Fixed rainfall not awarding experience points.
  • Fixed rainfall regeneration stacking.
  • Fixed breaking containers and walls.
  • Fixed weapon damage by half-tiger.
  • Fixed way too many skill points experience calculation.

Elemental requires the full version of Dungeon Siege to play.

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