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'Postal 2: Share the Pain' Ships To Stores

by Rainier on Dec. 16, 2003 @ 9:16 a.m. PST

With noses red from their victims' blood, Running With Scissors announced the release of POSTAL 2: Share The Pain. The brazen videogame developer's Christmas balls were hanging with joy as they landed their first title as a publisher onto the shelves of retailers across North America.

"Ho, ho friggin' ho!" exclaimed a red-suited Vince Desi, Running With Scissors' tarnished star atop the corporate tree. "The Postal Dude beat that fat ol' bearded guy to the punch this year -- and then relieved himself in it!"

"You should see the bags upon bags of Christmas mail we've been getting," said the half-buried Desi, "but the letters all say the exact same thing ... "

"I want a videogame with Blood, Gore, lots of Violence, Drugs, Dirty Language and Sex all wrapped up in Adult Humor. I want POSTAL 2: Share The Pain for Christmas, Santa Desi!"

POSTAL 2: Share The Pain is the new full-blown version featuring 17 teams, 25 characters and 4 game modes within the Multiplayer mayhem. Play against your friends and Gary Coleman and SNATCH their ho's away. This new version also includes the enhanced single-player version of POSTAL 2. Stuff your stocking with the red gift set box that includes a Postal Babe Poster inside!

"I wanted to stuff a real Postal Babe inside every fan's box, but since that wasn't possible, I'm sure they will take comfort knowing that at least they will be stuffing some of the Babes' -- cashboxes, that is," sniffed a disappointed Desi.

POSTAL 2: Share The Pain is currently available for PC. Check out the DEMO on your favorite game site. And there's plenty of time to check out other cool gift stuff from Running With Scissors at:

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