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GMX Media Signs 'Cold War Conflict' - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 16, 2003 @ 10:55 a.m. PST

GMX Media today announced that it has secured the rights to publish the PC RTS title – Cold War Conflict in the UK. "Based on the Gameplay of the award winning Sudden Strike 1 & 2 but with flair of the cold war theatres, this is certain to take the UK by storm." Commented Barry Leonard COO of GMX Media. “We are due to kick off a massive marketing campaign in 2 weeks which we hope will all but guarantee a chat position on release.” Read more for details and a bunch of new screens ...

“Cold War Conflicts is a very strong pc title with the potential to hit the market. We are very confident that GMX is the right partner for us and they will make the game a great success in the UK.” Commented Oliver J├Ągers of Walkon Games

"Cold War Conflicts" is a real-time strategy game set in the historical period of the Cold War era from 1950 to 1973. In four campaigns you take control of the military forces of eight different nations (USA, Israel, Egypt, North-Korea, Great Britain/UNO, Syria, USSR and China). Some of the campaigns are non-linear which means that success or failure in some missions’ results in a different starting point and strength of military forces in the following mission.

The Israeli campaign is set against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli war of 1956. Involved factions are Israel and Egypt. The Egyptian campaign reflects the third Arab Israeli war of 1973. Involved factions are Israel, Egypt, Syria and USSR. The north-Korean campaign deals with the first part of the Korean war of the 1950s. Involved factions are North-Korea, USA, Great Britain (UNO), China and USSR. The American campaign shows the second part of the Korean war involving the same combatants as the north-Korean campaign.

"Cold War Conflicts" sticks to the tradition of realistic simulation of warfare where the player has to deal with short supplies, where missions have to be solved with a specified set of units and some additional resources like aerial support, and where every hit can be lethal for infantry and equipment. Nevertheless "Cold War Conflicts" features an engaging multiplayer mode with a refined system of gaining supplies by controlling certain key points of the map. This system replaces the classical system of production sites that can produce units in unrealistically short time spans.


  • conflicts of the cold war era 1950-1973 (middle east, Korea peninsula)
  • four campaigns
  • eight combating countries with up to 50 different units each
  • 37 missions, including 13 alternative missions:
    • USA: 5 missions
    • Israel: 18 missions
    • Egypt: 9 missions
    • North Korea: 5 missions
  • modern units like jets, helicopters and more
  • modern scenario editor
  • multiplayer (LAN/internet)

Release Date: March 2004

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