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'Mythora' Revealed - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 16, 2003 @ 12:46 p.m. PST

The main hero of the game, the lumberman from the introduction, comes from Earth. He came to this planet with the whole earth civilization when the Earth resources started to exhaust. The mankind was forced to leave the Earth and leave for another planet (thanks GenGamers). Read more for details & screens ...

But the people didn’t know that this planet was already inhabited. They started to build his own bases. At this time, the authorities decided that the life that exists on this planet must be destroyed to avoid terrible genetic anomalies that could happen in case of mixing of the species. The orders from the huge transport ships placed on the orbit were transferred to the people on the surface of the planet. But they were in friendly contact with the natives and refused to execute the orders. As a result of the intervention by the people on the planet, the transport ship couldn’t land properly and many of the devices and machines were destroyed. Many of the transport ships have landed on the fourth continent, two of them landed on the third. This stopped them and they didn’t killed the natives, but the saboteurs were caught, their memory was erased and send in EXILE among the natives of the planet, till the time when people will rearm and fulfill their plan of destruction. The hero during the game has some flashbacks of the lost memory (visions) which help him to understand more and more who he really is, from where he comes and what he has to do. The game ends in the moment when our hero, fully conscious of his origin, will destroy the plans of the people coming from Earth.


  • About 500 locations (3200 x 3200 pixel dimension each),
  • Unusual stucture of game script kept in fantasy mood and changing during progress of the game action to the sf
  • Huge world available for game player - game take place on the entire planet (4 continents)
  • Many additional events waiting for the player in recess areas of willages and cities.
  • Many kinds of weapons and armour, from wooden baton to rocket launchers.
  • Over 45 spells available for a player ilustrated with trumendous visual and sound effects.
  • The Game History ilustrated with hand drawn pictures.
  • Innovative system of fight, spell and character description.
  • The Game mood underlined by the beautifull music smoothly adapting to the action
  • Remarkable, detailed graphics of all terain, buildings and other stuff - and much more...
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