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Encore Brings 'Sacred' To North America

by Rainier on Dec. 17, 2003 @ 3:40 p.m. PST

Under this new agreement, Encore is managing sales, distribution and marketing for Sacred, while Ascaron is delivering the content. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The game is scheduled for release in PC CD-ROM format to major retail outlets nationwide in spring 2004 for approximately $40.

Said Michael Bell, Encore's CEO, "Sacred brings many firsts to the RPG genre, most notably free roaming access to the majority of the world and combat on horseback. These are just two exciting features among many that will set Sacred apart from other RPGs and surpass the expectations of even the most die-hard RPG fan."

Sacred's Dynamic World of Exploration

Unlike any other fantasy action RPG, Sacred offers players an enormous world comprised of 16 regions with virtually unlimited opportunities for exploration. This world contains highly detailed landscapes, complete with villages and towns and even a day/night cycle with varying weather systems. Regions vary from forests and mountains to deserts, catacombs and ice-covered landmasses. More than three quarters of the world are open to the players from the very start - no unlocks needed.

Other key features of the game include:

  • A highly customizable and intricate fighting system that delivers unlimited spells, magic and combat "combo moves"
  • Battles that can be fought on foot or on horseback
  • A huge world with almost all of it available from the onset
  • Weapons and armor that can be customized by forging them with upgrade items, rings or more powerful weapons and armor
  • Six unique playable characters, each differing in fighting style, abilities and magic
  • Two brand new never-before-seen RPG character types: Vampires and the Seraphim
  • An epic-size storyline with more than 30 main missions, over 200 sub-quests and bonus quests
  • Multiplayer for up to 16 players via Internet or LAN

Said Roger Swindells, Managing Director at Ascaron, "Sacred is our finest title to date, reflecting extensive feedback that we've received from our fans throughout its development. We have put an enormous amount of focus on such aspects of the game as its intricate fighting system and the new RPG character types. This attention to detail will really make a difference to RPG fans."

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