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CCP Announces 'Eve Online' Expansion 'Tech Level 2'

by Rainier on Dec. 18, 2003 @ 4:17 p.m. PST

CCP today announced the deployment of their "Tech Level 2" expansion. Available as a free download, this update augments the richness of the existing sophistication of EVE's dynamics considerably, bringing new strategical opportunities to seasoned players as well as newcomers. The expansion, impacting the game universe as a whole, incorporates numerous new gameplay features - developed in close collaboration with the ardent EVE community - as well as many improvements to present functionality, performance and user interface. Read more for details ...

In conjunction with the recently announced availability of online distribution, EVE has emerged as a major MMORPG with a prolific and multi-faceted player base. Due to the single-shard design, the player base creates a formidably rich environment of interaction and opportunities in one game world, which is quite unique in the MMORPG genre.

"Our 'one world' design has already created the largest single MMORPG world to date," says Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson, CTO of CCP. "When coupled with such a massive content update, it creates truly unique dynamics. We prefer offering such expansions as automatic downloads to subscribers rather than selling separate expansion packs to play on special servers."

"Tech Level 2 finally gives all the control of the game to the players by putting all the responsibility of researching new items, manufacturing and selling into their hands," said Dr. Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, CCP''s Lead Game Designer. "Every player can now affect the whole economic cycle of the game and it is really up to players how big a mover and shaker they choose to be. Many of the features introduced in this expansion originated as ideas from the player community, which goes to show that EVE is an evolving, living game."

"Improvements to the graphics engine have enabled us to push the graphical experience of EVE even further, especially in large battles that become really amazing clashes of titans," said Reynir Hardarson, Art Director and founder of CCP. "The whole Tech Level 2 product line introduced numerous new spaceships and modules, as well as the addition of player-owned space constructs. This opens up the possibility for players to forge and shape not only the visual environment of the universe, but its strategical landscape, too."

EVE Online: Tech Level 2 is available online from For all current subscribers, the T2 expansion is installed automatically through auto-patching.

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