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'DEactivation' - In Stores NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 19, 2003 @ 9:51 a.m. PST

The beginning of the XXII century was marked by the surprisingly rapid development of nanotechnology. The result was the creation of the complicated AI systems and clever cybernetic systems - droids. Those ghastly machines replaced people in the most dangerous and harmful industries. Its very tentacles reached down into the depths of the great oceans and space.

But the euphoria from the greatest achievements of the human intellect was darkened by the appearance of the powerful terrorist organization "Day of Reckoning". Terrorists put money in the development and manufacture of droids-kamikazes. They started to dictate their will to the World: they "modestly" demanded the dissolution of the UNO and the appointment of members of their organization to the top positions of the so-called World Government. This was outrageous!

But while presidents of countries were scheduling the measures of counteractions the terrorists reinforced their threats with a wave of terrorist acts all over the world. The droids-kamikazes penetrated into the most important state establishments in different countries, cut off safety systems, mined and blew up buildings, seized and shot hostages. The number of victims was constantly growing. Despair seized whole cities and countries.

At the special session of the General assembly of the UNO the decision was made to combine the efforts of the leading countries and to establish an anti-terrorist coalition. Thus they would successfully resist the misdeeds of "Day of Reckoning". The best scientists headed the International Cybernetic Center (ICC). At the earliest possible date on the base of the scheme of the seized enemy droids the remote control droids-deactivator were created to resist kamikazes. However the new droids were somewhat worse than their hostile prototype. Extra research and work ought to have been done but it would have taken too much time and money. And the enemy wasn't waiting. However, new victims represented the last straw. The anti-terrorist coalition declared large-scale operations code-named "DEactivation". The first development type of the droids-deactivators was put into action. The head of operations controlled them remotely. The era of remote wars had just begun….


Players will control one of the antiterrorist units of droids that neutralize the acts of terrorism. For every mission there's a set number of droids. Terminate the shot firing system, destroy the hostile robots and set the hostages free! The missions are held in distinct types of building that differ one from another in the number of floors and rooms.

A successfully fulfilled mission gives a player a number of points. This number depends on several factors: the time of the mission fulfillment, the amount of the droids in your unit left etc. With these points a player can buy new droids or modernize them. The purpose of the game is to stop 13 acts of terrorism and to mine the scientific research center of the terrorists.


  • A strikingly original combination of tactical strategy, intriguing puzzles and action game!
  • You can enjoy thrilling and intense gameplay!
  • As many as 15 levels to climb!
  • Dynamic duels by remote control!
  • The possibility to buy and modernize the droids.
  • A rich range of droids.
  • Treacherous and clever enemies. Are you worthy enough to wage war against them?
  • Original 3D-sound and music

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