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DAS Entertainment Acquires Freedom Games

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2003 @ 1:29 a.m. PST

DAS Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has signed a deal to acquire the Freedom Games development studio. DAS Entertainment will continue to support and develop the Squad Assault series, which started with Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front, released this month to retail stores. DAS Entertainment also plans to use the Freedom Games brand to bring its own titles to the retail gaming market.

David Slayton, President of DAS Entertainment, said "Dynamic Animation Systems and DAS Entertainment are excited to be supporting and continuing the development of the Freedom Games brand and the Squad Assault franchise. Our advanced graphics and gaming technology will enhance the gamers experience and through a spirit of cooperation with the great fans the game engine will continue to be supported and improved."

John Davidson, founder of Freedom Games, said "DAS Entertainment combines high technology and high quality people with a mission for success. Our games will benefit from the unique resources and experience DAS Entertainment can provide."

Eric Young, founder of Freedom Games and Executive Producer for the Squad Assault franchise said "With the combined talents of Freedom Games and Dynamic Animation Systems we will be able to combine the graphic abilities of the Apex Graphics Engine with the combat model of Squad Assault to please every gamer's eyes, ears, and cerebellum."

DAS Entertainment plans to bring its in-house technology, the Apex Graphics Engine and the Force Game Engine, to the Squad Assault series in the next major release, tentatively titled Squad Assault: Market Garden. In cooperation with Matrix Games (, the publisher of Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front, DAS Entertainment is planning Squad Assault: West Front expansion packs as well as a spin-off Squad Assault title for the Xbox. Support will also continue for the various user-created content projects that are currently underway.

David Heath, Director of Operations for Matrix Games, said "We've enjoyed working with Freedom Games and bringing their brand of top quality wargaming to our customers in the Matrix Games community. The new technologies, platforms and ideas that DAS Entertainment brings to the table are very exciting for the future of the Squad Assault series and working with DAS. Wargamers should watch these guys!"

DAS Entertainment is also planning a series of American Civil War wargames and a series of near-future wargames based on the US Army's Objective Force concepts.

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