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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game: Pharaoh’s Servant

by Thomas on Dec. 2, 2003 @ 8:21 a.m. PST

December 12th will see the launch of the fourth booster pack for Konami of Europe's phenomenally successful Yu-Gi-Oh!TM TRADING CARD GAME. The Pharaoh's Servant booster pack adds over 100 new characters, spells and traps to the series and is certain enjoy the same incredible acclaim as its predecessors.

The all-new creatures, spells and traps in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME: Pharaoh's Servant open up all manner of new gameplay possibilities for fans of the series. The Pharaoh's Servant booster expands upon the enthralling gameplay of the existing packs, and the new cards are fully compatible with all available packs and Starter Decks, and offer users additional adversaries and weapons to use in battles against rival players.

The Pharaoh's Servant pack comprises 103 new cards, and introduces the likes of the Three-Headed Geedo, the Deepsea Warrior and the Bombardment Beetles to the series' wide array of creatures, each of whom brings new offensive and defensive attributes to the game. The booster pack also enjoys a larger proportion of traps than past sets, with an incredible array of counter-attack and defence strategies at the player's disposal.

"The Yu-Gi-Oh!TM TRADING CARD GAME continues to be a very important part of Konami of Europe's product range, and we are extremely proud to be releasing the Pharaoh's Servant booster pack in time for what will be a very busy Christmas period for the series," commented Kunio Neo, President for Konami of Europe. "As such, we anticipate a fantastic reception for the Pharaoh's Servant booster pack as we continue to build on the success of this phenomenal series."

Localised versions of the Yu-Gi-Oh!TM TRADING CARD GAME: Pharaoh's Servant range will be available across Konami of Europe's territories, and will be available via the usual retail channels.

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