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Platform(s): PC, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Dreamcatcher
Developer: People Can Fly
Release Date: April 12, 2004 (Gold Edition: April 18, 2005) (US), April 16, 2004 (EU)


NVIDIA GeForce FX Named The Preferred GPU For 'Painkiller'

by Thomas on Dec. 2, 2003 @ 8:24 a.m. PST

Stranded in a place between Heaven and Hell, your time of judgment is at hand. The Underworld is on the verge of unholy war, and you are but a pawn in the infernal battle. As you fight for your purification, the truths behind the deceptions are revealed.

"Partnering with NVIDIA further proves how seriously people are taking Painkiller," commented Richard Wah Kan, President and CEO, Dreamcatcher. "Their reputation is second to none, and we're convinced that Painkiller will look and play even better using their hardware."

"Painkiller represents a new class of PC games that is pushing the latest shader technologies to achieve cinematic-quality visual effects in real-time, without having to sacrifice performance," said Bill Rehbock, Director of Developer Relations, NVIDIA. "We're pleased to lend our hand in the development and marketing of this game to ensure that gamers around the world get to experience Painkiller the way it's meant to be played."

Painkiller features truly stunning physics-based gameplay, frantic over-the-top action and some of the nastiest level bosses ever seen. Graphically, Painkiller is unmatched, featuring new levels of texture detail and the latest lighting and shadowing techniques. Played across more than 20 completely different levels, the proprietary 3D 'PAIN Engine' puts out 100 times more polygons than other games in this genre.

Painkiller will be published by Dreamcatcher Games and distributed by Mindscape for PC in March 2004 and Xbox in Q2 2004.

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