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'Deus Ex: Invisible War' (PC/Xbox) Ships To Stores

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2003 @ 12:55 p.m. PST

Eidos today announced it has shipped to stores across North America the highly-anticipated Deus Ex: Invisible War for the Xbox and PC. Deus Ex: Invisible War is the follow-up release to the revolutionary adventure game Deus Ex. Developed by Ion Storm, Deus Ex: Invisible War leaves actions, decisions and consequences in the hands of the gamer - a rookie anti-terrorist agent named Alex D.

"Deus Ex was conceived as a game that would put players in charge of their gameplay experience. Instead of playing the way we wanted them to play, we wanted to allow each person who picked up the game to make his or her own decisions about how to interact with the problems we threw in their paths - fight, sneak, talk, and explore," said Warren Spector, Studio Director at Ion Storm. "I'm happy to say that Project Director Harvey Smith and the Invisible War team have taken the Deus Ex core gameplay concepts to a whole new level. Minute-to-minute, Invisible War players have more freedom than ever to interact with people and events however they choose. They have more freedom to determine who their friends and enemies are, more freedom to pick which missions to go on (as well as how to accomplish those missions), more ways to customize their character - and, therefore, their experience. No two players of Invisible War will experience their adventure the same way."

In Deus Ex: Invisible War players create a compelling alter ego through the selection of futuristic biomods, powerful weapons and hundreds of useful objects. As in the original game, character choices, weapons and objects work in combination with a richly interactive world to give players freedom to solve game problems the way they want to, rather than the way the designers want them to. Gamers can sneak, hack, bribe or kill their way past any problem encountered within the game world.

That freedom to choose a unique play style is what sets Deus Ex: Invisible War apart from any other game and takes the idea further - a deeper than ever adventure offers players more control over the action. Deus Ex: Invisible War features a more powerful physics system, startlingly believable AI, dramatically enhanced character modelling and animation, a groundbreaking sound propagation system and state-of-the art lighting and graphics. The game systems contribute materially to gameplay, minute-to-minute, mission-to-mission, and beginning to end.

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